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Executive Producer

Executive Producer

SKU: Executive Producer

Become an Executive Producer on the first movie,  Of Infinite Worlds - Part 1


Become an integral part of a Britsih indie sci-fi movie being made with cinema in mind. Share in the excitment, the passion and the glory from the pilot seat. We will do everything to make this an epic adventure for you and your family. You will receive: 


  • Your name on the opening credits of the movie
  • An IMDB Credit
  • Your name on the official movie poster
  • An Executive Producer certificate
  • An invite for you and your family to be extras in the movie - including a garenteed close up shot
  • Your money back if the movie breaks even
  • A 10% premium if the film goes into profit


If you are interested in becoming an Executive Producer on 'Of Infinite Worlds - Part 1' , please drop Simon a line: 

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