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Deep inside the Andromeda galaxy, a small system of planets is in big trouble. The three worlds of Babanthia orbit an unstable sun that threatens to destroy them. Rumors of an ancient intergalactic gateway that links stars and galaxies offer some form of hope, but its existence has never been proven.


The discovery of a new planet offers hope to the Babanthian race. However, this new world, Illonia, is blocked by a deadly asteroid field and no manned ship has yet made it through alive. Drone ships have tried but have also failed.

FASSIEL, a powerful politician who is recently widowed, has a plan to save his people. MALEIA, Fassiel’s eleven-year-old daughter, is struggling to deal with the grief of losing her mother and Fassiel tussles to give his daughter the care she needs.

Fassiel creates TORG, an emotionally advanced android. Her mission is to create a pathway through the asteroid field and to prepare Illonia for the Babanthian race. What makes Torg different is that she is given an experimental emotion chip. This will enable her to think and feel, just as the people who built her do. This way she can make decisions on behalf of the Babanthians and logically work out how to clear the pathway and prepare the new world.    


As part of her preparation, Torg is uploaded with all Babanthian knowledge and gets to spend time interacting with people to obtain a detailed understanding of their emotions. Fassiel puts Torg with Maleia, with instructions to educate and help her through the grieving process.  They spend a lot of time together while Fassiel is off dealing with the problems the worlds are facing. Over time, Torg and Maleia become close and, before long, Fassiel becomes resentful of the bond growing between them. When Torg is dispatched to lead the dangerous two-year mission to Illonia, she is devastated to be leaving Maleia behind as, inadvertently, she has taken on a maternal role.

Fassiel does everything to keep Torg and Maleia from communicating on the journey and plans to have her switched off when the task is finished. However, his plan backfires because when Torg makes it through the asteroid field and arrives at Illonia, she decides that this beautiful new world is far too good for the selfish and destructive Babanthian race. Instead, she begins to dismantle the Illonia preparation work.

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Fassiel is furious and sends a termination squad to Illonia. However, Torg is ready for them and completely wipes out the team sent to destroy her. She then creates a new, supersized warship and returns to Babanthia.

When she arrives, a war party is waiting for her. Fassiel uses his daughter Maleia as a bartering tool but during the conflict, Maleia’s ship is hit. To make matters worse, the conflict ignites an ancient gateway and Maleia’s damaged ship is ripped away and lost somewhere in the universe.


This ignites a deadly battle between Torg and the Babanthians which ends up with Torg damaging the fragile sun. The impact of this is the total annihilation of the third Babanthian world. 

An intergalactic fight between Torg and Fassiel rages, on a destructive path that could end the lives of billions. The ultimate fight for survival and the search for Maleia is about to begin…

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A  strange organic object is discovered on the surface of Europa, one of Jupiter’s Moons. Veteran commander, SHEP, is plagued with illness yet dreams of being the first man to find alien life beyond Earth. 


He leads a team of three astronauts down to the icy surface. VIOLET, a wide-eyed young captain on her first flight and JAKE, who is jaded and slovenly and believes the whole mission is a waste of resources. Shep’s wife, NATALYA, and pilot, MATIAS, monitor the mission from the mothership, ‘Victorious’, which orbits the planet.


As the landing ship Montana, flies towards the foggy surface, giant snow-covered mountains appear for as far as the eye can see. There is no life here, just ice and snow.

When they reach the organic object, they are shocked to discover a huge, ancient oak tree growing alone on the hostile surface. Violet and Shep venture outside to study the tree in more detail while Jake monitors from the Montana. How did it get here and how did it survive?


On touching the tree, Violet and Shep receive a haunting message from young MALEIA. This inadvertently opens a gateway which transports Violet and Shep off to the far reaches of space. The Montana and the Victorious are both also zapped away, leaving no evidence that anyone was ever here…

Violet wakes to find herself floating in a deadly asteroid field. She sees the Montana drifting nearby and managers to get on board. Inside, she finds Jake unconscious. They escape the asteroid field but get captured by a giant mining ship, ‘The Medusa’. Inside, they meet DENAYER and KAEL who are leading a revolt against TORG, who we discover now rules the Babanthia worlds with an iron fist. When Violet explains about the message they received from Maleia, Denayer and Kale believe that these two could help them defeat Torg. They fix up the Montana and send them to the Forbidden Zone on the damaged world of Babanthia Three.


Meanwhile, Shep arrives through the gateway and is captured by Torg and brought aboard her warship. She is paranoid that he was sent to attack her and on discovering the Victorious, rapidly destroys it, killing Natalya and Matias.

Torg plunders Shep’s mind for information and learns about our history and the similarities between Earth and Babanthia. She also sees that Shep has ambitions to see new worlds and alien life. When she discovers that he has seen Maleia, she becomes hellbent on finding the gateway and getting to her. Torg offers to fix Shep’s health and extend his life considerably. In return, he must remain loyal to her and follow her every command. Thinking he is all alone there, Shep agrees.

Violet and Jake find a deep underground chamber in the burnt-out ruins of Babanthia Three. Here they discover the history of Torg’s creation and the terrible things she has done since taking control of Babanthia.


Violet and Jake go with Denayer and Kael to save Shep and find a way to re-open the gateway and get back home. However, Torg and her newly appointed assistant have different ideas. And when the true reason the tree was found on Europa in the first place is discovered, the future of the entire human race is suddenly at risk… 

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