Of Infinite Worlds - The Story

A strange organic object is discovered on the surface of Europa, one of Jupiter’s Moons. Veteran NASA Commander, ‘Shep’ Shepherd leads a team of astronauts to the surface to investigate.


A giant oak tree is discovered growing alone on the icy surface and when Shep and his young assistant, Violet touch the tree, they receive a haunting message from young girl called, Maleia.

A message broadcast from 4 billion light years away...


This inadvertently opens a gateway which transports them across the universe, to the heart of the Andromeda Galaxy, and in the middle of a deadly intergalactic war between a cyborg called Torg and an alien species called, Babantians.

The group are split up and Violet and her co-pilot Jake meet Denayer, a deep space asteroid minor, working as a slave for Torg.


Desperate to get back home, Violet and Jake go on a mission to learn the secrets of using the gateway. Here they discover what happened to Babanthia and the horrific legacy Torg has created.

Shep is captured by Torg, who is hell-bent on mastering the gateway and finding Maleia.

Violet and Jake convince Denayer to help them by forming a revolt against Torg and at the same time, saving Shep.


Somehow, they must re-open the gateway and get back to Earth, before Torg finds it and unleashes hell across the universe…


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