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About the Production and How We Plan to Make the Film

We're Going Virtual...!

After researching the stunning new digital screen technologies becoming available we have decided to take the plunge and make Of Infinite Worlds as a partly virtual production. If you've seen The Mandalorian on Disney +, you'll know how staggering the results are. The great news is that this technology is now available for non-Hollywood sized productions too and opens the door to epic sets and locations all from a single studio environment.   

Our plan is to:

  • Hire a small warehouse in the region and then hire some large LED screens (from local event hire companies). We will then shoot our movie in front of these screen which will have sets created by our team.

  • Hire local theatre companies to build and provide small sets and foreground props to put in front of these screens.

The idea is to ensure that during the shoot, we will get most of the footage in camera, which will cut down the quantity of special effects required.

So What is Virtual Production?

We're keeping it old School Too...

There are 8 different spaceships that feature in the film. Having used CGI spaceships for our previous film, we've decided to go ‘old school’ and work with real models this time as we think they will look better.

We recently engaged legendary model maker, Richard Dixon, to build 4 of these models.


Our hero spaceship, The Montana, being filmed at RoboMoco Studios in London on their high end motion control rig.

SRX 1.001.jpg
SRX 2_001.jpg

The SRX Command Module

Saratoga 2_001.jpg
Saratoga 1_001.jpg

The Saratoga

Victorious Int001.jpg

Some interior designs for two of our spaceships - Created in Unreal Engine

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