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Be Part of Our Epic Sci-fi Movie!

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Hi, I’m Simon Cox, the writer and director of a thrilling new British indie sci-fi movie, Of Infinite Worlds -  An ambitious, spectacular and enjoyable movie which I have spent the last year developing and will shoot in the UK Midlands in 2022. 

We aim to release the movie in UK cinemas and across the world. 

So how can you get involved…?

Just buy one of our souvenir mugs!


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A crazy idea, yes, but if we can sell around 20,000 mugs, this would fund the entire production. Think of the actors, film crew, make up, costume artists, studio technicians, electricians, special effects artists and sound people, we could employ! We have already raised over £40,000 so now we're hoping to raise the final £210,000.   

In return for supporting us, you'll get regular updates on our progress and news of any crowd scenes we're shooting and when we require folk to play extras. You'll get exclusive photos and videos from the set and special exclusive invites to test screenings and premiere screenings - You'll be a physical part of the journey with us! 

We have plenty of other ways you can help too - Just check out our SHOP​.  Again, all the money we  make goes directly into funding the movie.

Thank you to every one who has supported us so far.

Our Plan For Filming

As I learnt from my last movie, Invasion Planet Earth, making an epic sci-fi movie on a low budget is no mean feat. We shot that film in chunks, raising money as we went along. In all it took around 9 years to complete. This new film is going to be made very differently…

IPE Small.jpg

As the majority of, Of Infinite Worlds, is set in space, we are going to build our spaceships sets in one hit, over the next few months. Then, we will bring the cast in and film them continuously, moving from set to set.

We begin filming the live action scenes in June 2022. Our aim is to be as fully sustainable in our set building, using fully sustainable materials. When finished, these materials will be either reused, up-cycled, recycled or composted. 

There will be a few part-sets too, with areas of greenscreen for some of the more complicated set ups. These are some of our set designs – massive thanks to Benn Robinson for creating these.

The Montana - Concepts 2.jpg
The Montana - Concepts 4.jpg
The Medusa - Concept 1.jpg
The Montana - Concepts 5.jpg
14 - The Montana - Concept 11.jpg
11 - The Montana - Concept 8.jpg
16 - The Oppressor - Concept 4.jpg
11 - Alien Rocket - Model Render 2.jpg
9 - The Oppressor - Concept 2.jpg
22 - Farmhouse - Early Model Render 2.jpg
20 - The Medusa - Model.jpg
7 - The Montana - Model Render V2 2.jpg
8 - The Saratoga - Model Render 1.jpg
22 - Farmhouse - Early Model Render 1.jpg

During lockdown, we were able to do a lot of our special FX’s work and already have a fair number of shots in the can.  

I was keen to have real models created for the ships and combine them with the latest CGI technologies. So, we have engaged top

model maker, Richard Dixon, to build the ships.


The Victorious


The Medusa

0 (6).jpg

The Montana



Initially, we filmed the first of our models on a motion control rig on a large bluescreen. This worked well, but we also discovered that if we have the ships scanned and turned into 3d computer models, we get a lot more flexibility and can create fantastic shots a lot quicker. We’re now combining old school FX’s with the game engine software, Unreal Engine, which quite honestly, has blown my mind.


The Montana being filmed on
the motion control rig

Below are some images of the Montana, which is one of Richard’s models, that has now been scanned and flown in Unreal Engine.


I’m so excited about our little sci-fi movie. This is the type of sci-fi I’ve always loved and if you like, (the original) Star Wars, (the original) BattleStar Galactica and Buck Rogers etc, you’ll absolutely LOVE, Of Infinite Worlds!

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