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Back On Set - Finally!

So I'm just picking myself up and dusting myself down after a rather good 2 week shoot on the new movie! The money we raised via investment, crowdfunding and merchandising sales was put to good use.

To start with, we engaged a very talented set builder, Caitlin Mills, to build an interior spaceship set. These included a large futuristic cock-pit desk, a variety of sci-fi doorways and lots of wall sections. Amazingly, she managed to build the main bulk of this in her father's garage - and it was BIG!

(Many thanks Stuart - we couldn't have done it without you!!)

Unfortunately, just a few days before the shoot, Caitlin and her family caught the dreaded Covid. Angie (my wife) and I collected the wall flats and brought them home to help Caitlin paint and prepare them for the shoot. This took over most of our garden and thankfully the weather held out long enough for them to dry.

With Caitlin back on her feet, we took the elements of the set to a large room I'd hired within a local business centre in my home town of Nuneaton. The set was later re-vamped during the filming to become three different ship interiors - and it worked a treat!

Caitlin and Angie dressed the sets with various shapes and panels and LOTS of small self powered lights. We had some individual panels built by Martin Bennett which fitted beautifully into the set.

We assembled our crew (most of whom worked on Invasion Planet Earth).This was; Gabby Hunt (Make Up), Ellie Watts (Costume Designer)., Angie Cox (Set Dresser), Ian Dangerfield (Sound), Gordon Hickie (DOP) and potential Co-Producer, Djonny Chen.

Also on set, but not featured in the picture were; Devon Rosenblatt (Camera Assistant) and Karen Jensen Clark (Production Manager).

We cast a fabulous young actress called, Lorena West, to play our robot character, TORG, and she did an absolutely fantastic job. There were a lot of lines to learn and heaps of emotion required and Lorena really made the role her own. I just know you're going to love her!! (Casting directors, take note!)

We also had a great day filming two villains from the film, Jarb, who was played with great menace by Sean Cronin. Sean has been in many movies including, Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secrets and the James Bond film, The World in Not Enough - and with him was newcomer, Rico Morris who plays Ruvin. Both did a spectacular job.

Our plan moving forward is to now find a star name for our lead character, Fassiel.

Hopefully, the rest of the filming will be completed between Sept – Nov this year. This of course means a lot more fundraising. So I'm keeping everything crossed and will let you know how this goes.

In the meantime, we're editing the new footage and will continue moving forward with the special effects.

If you fancy being part of the movie and helping us get it made, please do buy something from our shop - every penny we raise goes directly into funding the film - and you'll receive regular updates including when we're shooting our crowd scenes where you can come and be an extra! If you would like to help in a larger way, please do drop me a line.

Many thanks and see you on the other side!

Simon Simon Cox - Writer & director - Of Infinite Worlds

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John Clf Mills
John Clf Mills
Jul 13, 2022

These look great Simon! All the best - John & Rebecca xxx

Jul 13, 2022
Replying to

Thanks John (and Rebecca). Hope you guys are well. Will see if we can get you in the film at some point (if you fancy it that is!! 😁)

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