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Incoming Asteroids!!!

Now we have our hero ship, The Montana, built and scanned into Unreal Engine, we've been successfully flying her - and creating some VERY cool shots.

Ever since I first saw The Empire Strikes back in 1981, which has an amazing scene where Han Solo beautifully navigates the Millennium Falcon through a deadly asteroid field, I've been hooked on the concept of flying a ship through an asteroid field.

We have a scene in, Of Infinite Worlds, where our hero, Violet, is transported through a gateway and wakes drifting in the middle of a large asteroid field. She looks ahead and sees her ship, The Montana, randomly spinning out of control and drifting away towards a deadly asteroid which is hurting towards it. She fires up her rocket boots (she's in a spacesuit btw), hurtles past some deadly rocks the size of small cities and manages to board her ship.

She then blasts through the asteroid field, swooping back and forth to dodge the giant rocks which race towards her.

We've yet to film the live action scenes of Violet in action, but the exterior shots are now pretty well finished and judging by these, it should be a pretty cool and thrilling scene!

Thanks for all the fundraising support over the last week. The more money we raise, the quicker you'll see the final movie!

Cheers and all the best.


Simon Cox - Writer & Director. Of Infinite Worlds

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