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Set Construction Begins...

Our spaceship interior set has begun construction! This is for the interior of our fighter ship set. Below is the original model of the outside of the ship (built by Richard Dixon). Its a single seated fighter ship.

Below are some concept images of the cockpit interior and a basic mock up of how the set will be built. These were done by our interior set designer, Benn Robinson.

Below is the first part of the construction which I've seen today. This is being built by our construction designer, Caitlin Mills. On the 7th to the 17th June, we're hiring a large space in a business centre in Nuneaton and will be taking this set and two more larger sets in and we will be shooting a good 30% of the film.

My plan is to keep these sets when we've finished and then re-vamp them for other sets in both films. Below are the flats we've had built that will be painted up and become the walls of the spaceship interior.

Its all very exciting and having been working completely on models and CGI for the last couple of years, its really nice to see some proper live action construction coming together. I can't wait to get filming with some actual actors again!

Its really down to your kind support that we've been able to do this, so thank you. As you may know, I'm currently running a new crowdfunding campaign to help pay for this next shoot. Please do check it out if you haven't seen it already. If you fancy a new mug or t-shirt, that would be very much appreciated as every penny goes into the production of the film:

Thank you so much.


Simon Cox - Writer & director - Of Infinite Worlds

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