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Update - Spaceships and Worlds Coming Together 15th Oct 2020

Hi there,

Hope you're well and surviving okay. Here's a little update video of where we are with my new sci-fi epic, Of Infinite Worlds:

Watch the 90 second proof-of-concept trailer here:

So do let me know what you think of the pilot.

As I mentioned above, your money has gone towards paying a model maker to build some fantastic spaceship models which we will be filming in London, hopefully in November. These will be shot using a high end motion control company who will have them flying and flipping around (think Millennium Falcon in the Empire Strikes back).

I have engaged a casting director who is currently out speaking to agents on our behalf to try and find us a star name to be in the movie. I'll let you more about this as news comes in.

Here are some stills from the Unreal Engine tests we have been doing. These are 2 spaceship interiors:

Here are some daytime shots of Europa:

Here is the tree on Europa at night:

I really hope you like what you see, I think its going to be pretty good!

Many thanks for all the support.

See you soon.


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