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Creating a World About to go BANG!

The film opens with a thrill ride through the streets of Babanthia 3, a planet on the brink of destruction! The fiery sun is about to meet its end, and our hero Fassiel, must fight to escape the chaos that ensues. His wife Athena and trusty henchman Jarb are right by his side as they race towards the spaceport in Jarb's sleek hover-car.

But as they speed through the futuristic city, disaster strikes! Lightning bolts rip through the sky, demolishing buildings and throwing debris everywhere. The team must navigate through the wreckage, dodging obstacles and battling against time itself.

To bring this heart-pounding sequence to life, we built a stunning 3D city in Unreal Engine, which captures every detail of this awe-inspiring world. We meticulously crafted Jarb's journey from multiple angles, ensuring that every shot is just right. Then, using Adobe AfterEffects, we've added explosions, flying rubble, and massive dust clouds.

With the money we raise from our latest crowdfunder. We'll be gearing up to shoot the live-action elements that will complete this scene. We’ll be building a small section of street that will be seamlessly integrated into the 3D city we've created. We're also building the interior of the hovercar, so viewers will feel like they're right in the action.

With cutting-edge car POV shots and back projection techniques, we're pulling out all the stops to make this scene very cool. And we need your help to make it happen. Do join our crowdfunding campaign and be a part of the magic. With your support, we can finish this incredible story and transport audiences to infinite worlds of imagination.

Many thanks, Simon

Writer & Director - Of Infinite Worlds

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