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Flying Real Spaceships (or at least, trying to!)

Back in 2022, we shot a whole bunch of interior spaceship scenes with actors Lorena West (TORG), Sean Cronin (Jarb) and Rico Morris (Ruvin).

This was to get a bunch of important scenes in the can with the money we had raised at the time. My plan was to do this and finish most of the spaceship FX scenes so we had lots to show to potential investors. As ever, this proved to be a much bigger job than I’d first estimated, as finishing the spaceship scenes took up most of 2023 – and they’re still not quite finished!

When we filmed these live action scenes, we only really had the one set, but we changed it slightly to accommodate 3 spaceship interiors - and it worked well. The only thing was, we were not able to build the window frames properly, mainly due to the lack of budget and time. So, back in December, I built a CG window frame for Jarb and Ruvin's ship, ‘The Constellation’. 

The image below is what the scene looked like when it was shot.

The image below is the CG window frame template built in Photoshop:

Below is the shot with the window frame added:

We also filmed some of our flashing panels built by Martin Bennett, which were carefully placed within the backdrop. This adds a bit of animation and stops it from looking to static.

For this shot we had to cut around Sean and Rico's heads to get the wall behind them in, which was a bit of a challenge. In retrospect, it would have been easier to have kept the whole top section of the set as green screen rather than unfinished panels – a lesson now learnt for future shoots!


The image is a little dark on here and will need to be graded for the final film, so this is still quite rough - but I'm sure you'll get the idea. I think it will work really well, especially with the space background outside the window.

We're chipping away on the film, and I really do hope to get the rest of the live action scenes in the can this year. I have a shooting plan and so long as we can get the finance in place to be able to stick to it, I hope to have the film done by November. It's certainly proving a challenge and I’m constantly looking for financial support. It may appear somewhat small-time, but the support from selling mugs and t-shirts etc really has helped to push the movie forward, so everything you buy from our shop really is keeping the ship afloat, so thank you!


Should you fancy chipping in, or chipping in again, it would be SO much appreciated.


CLICK HERE TO BUY A MUG OR TO TOP UP YOUR MUG SUPPLY. Don’t forget, anyone who buys a mug before Jan 31st 2024, will get a credit on the end of the movie.  


Thanks again and all the best.



Writer and director, Of Infinite Worlds

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