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Into the Depths of a Burning Planet..!

It's never a good day when your nearby star emits a solar flare in your direction -And in our movie, Of Infinite Worlds, that's pretty well what happens!

Babanthia Three - the third of three planets in an alien solar system, takes the brunt of this devastating event causing catastrophic annihilation on the folk who live there.

The solar system is at war with Torg and the only thing that can stop her is on what remains of Babanthia Three.

Commander Fassiel, has to pilot his ship down to the burning surface and seek out a chamber deep below the surface which houses the secret to stop Torg, and the horrors she is about to unleash on Babanthia One and Two.

In preparing the special effects for this scene, we built a vast damaged city landscape with animated rivers of molten lava flowing through the streets. Additional heat ripples were added to show the heat.

The entrance to the chamber can only be accessed by a flying vehicle, so Fassiel flies his ship deep down into the depths of the planet and a huge network of underground tunnels.

As Fassiel reaches the 'Storyteller's Chamber', it is filled with smoke and ready to burn.

In building the FX's for this scene we wanted to show a truly vast underground chamber - and because of what's happened on the planet surface, the chamber is filled with smoke and ready to blow...

Will Fassiel retrieve what he needs to save the solar system and get out in time…?

Thanks again for your support and encouragement, I am so excited about how the film is coming together.

I was planning to shoot the final live action scenes in Sept/Oct but as I write this, I don't have quite what I would like money-wise to confidently complete this. So, I am going to focus on more fundraising and will keep the special effects coming in the meantime. Sorry about this, its my fault for taking on an epic sci-fi movie rather than somthing a little simpler.

I will keep you updated with our progress and let you know as soon as we can proceed with the final filming.

For anyone new here, you can play a small part in helping to push this truly independent movie over the line. We' are always raising funds to pay our cast, crew, build sets and create our special effects etc. Please do hop over to our shop and buy a mug or t-shirt as every penny made goes back into financing the movie - and every little bit really does help.

Thanks again for your support and for helping me keep the dream alive - we WILL get this done - I promise. See you on the other side!


Writer & director, Of Infinite Worlds.

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E Signs
E Signs
Sep 05, 2023

Looks great Simon looking forward to the movie!


Herbert Eder
Herbert Eder
Sep 04, 2023

I like the scale of that location, be sure to make it look really big on screen!

Sep 04, 2023
Replying to

Oh don't you worry Herbert - I will deliver on a scale you're going to love! 😀

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