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Let the Mug Madness Begin...

So over the last year, I have been wracking my brain. How on earth can I get this movie funded, to the full amount we need - and up front...?

Okay, I guess the straight answer to that is to get investors.

Well, we have some lovely investors. But £250,000.00 is a mighty sum to ask people to stump up. And as we know, film investment can be a risky business.

So, I wanted to think differently, like an entrepreneurial filmmaker. What if we could create a product that people might actually need, will not damage the environment, that we could use to help raise the money and at the same time, help to market the actual movie..?

Mugs!! What a brilliant idea!

I'm writing this blog on the 25th March 2021 - right in the middle of our third national lock-down. And like any crazy venture, I have absolutely no idea if it will actually work.

But the little devil in me thinks it just might.

What do you think...?

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