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Of Infinite Worlds Update - Into the Galactic Nebula...!

We have a scene in, Of Infinite Worlds, where our hero Torg (played by the lovely, Lorena West) must fly through a spectacular nebula and while inside it, face off a dangerous and unpredictable asteroid field...

Her mission is to clear a path through this asteroid field so that future ships can safely fly through it. How hard can that be…? Well, without any spoilers, let’s just say it’s a bit of a challenge for her!

For the nebula, I wanted to create an environment that we hadn’t seen before. So, using some of the magnificent deep space pictures NASA are now releasing from the James Webb telescope, where we are seeing spectacular galactic formations, we could have only dreamed of a few years ago, here was the perfect reference!

Combining the wonders of Unreal Engine and some lovely artwork we've had created, we have built our very own galactic nebula!

And below are some brand new images of Torg’s ship flying right into it...

Now, you probably can’t see the detail of the picture in this blog post, but trust me, when you see it on a big cinema screen, you’re going to want to grab a spoon and take a bite, because it really will take your breath away!

Thanks again for all the support and encouragement, I am so excited about how the film is coming together. We are aiming for September/October to shoot the final live action elements – so there is LOTS going on this end.

I will keep you updated with our progress.

For anyone new here, you can play a small part in helping to push this truly independent movie over the line. We' are always raising funds to pay our cast, crew, build sets and create our special effects etc. Please do hop over to our shop and buy a mug or t-shirt as every penny made goes back into financing the movie - and every little bit really does help.

Thanks again for your support and for helping me keep the dream alive. See you on the other side!


Writer & director, Of Infinite Worlds.

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